Guidelines for EU-FRANK events

We are happy to welcome as many as possible to our activities, but as with all projects there are some specific rules and requirements for participants. You will find a summary below, but please download the complete information here.


Registration for project activities and events is done throught the Project Secretariat. You are welcome to register your interest throught the event on the website and await further communication to confirm your participation.

Travel arrangements

EU-FRANK covers transportation and hotel costs for participantsĀ that are related to project activities. The Secretariat makes the necessary travel arrangements and informs each participant individually. No meal costs are included or reimbursed. You must submit adequate documentation after your journey if you need to ask for a reimbursement (i.e. boarding cards and other necessary documents).


After each activity or event you will be asked to fill in an evaluation form within the first few days after an activity. As this is important documentation for the project, we kindly ask you to fill it in and return to us as soon as possible.

Insurance, visas and responsibilities

The project does not cover extra costs such as visas, vaccinations or other necessary arrangements prior to the activity. Participants are responsible for having a valid passport and suitable travel insurance.

Please read more on the general guidelines here.