What we do

EU-FRANK's work aims at impacting practices across the entire resettlement process while offering three different levels of support.

EU-FRANK addressess different practices and experiences across the resettlement spectrum - from identification and referral of resettlement cases, to decision making via missions or dossier, preparations for travel, transfer and arrival in the resettlement country. The project does not cover the topic of (longer term) integration, as this topic is very large and not specific for resettlement. We do however address the question of how to prepare for arrival throughout the earlier phases of the process, for instance by orientation activities or by involving actors from the receiving community in planning and preparations already before the arrival of the new residents. You can read more about how EU-FRANK addresses the resettlement process here.

The project provides support of three different type. Each type or level builds on lessons learned and experiences that are shared by colleagues in different countries. We aim to showcase prevailing practices in different states and enabling exchange of experiences between states; point out specifically successful or innovative ways of working; as well as provide access to hands-on materials or methods that can be applied directly by national administrations.

EU-FRANK's three levels of support