Here you can find and download the released tools for resettlement work developed by the project. You can learn more about the development of the Tools on the Components' page.

The tools are free to use. They have been developed by national experts from project partner countries Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden, with funding from AMIF and in consultation with EASO, the UNHCR and IOM. The tools have been revised based on feedback from States.

Latest update: March 25th, 2020.

Files available for download
File type icon Filename File size File upload date
Overview of EU-FRANK Resettlement Tools 313.6 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T1 Template for Annual Overview of Submitted Resettlement Cases 462.4 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T2 Practical Guide for Planning and Implementing Selection Missions 498.7 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T3 Checklist for Implementation of Selection Missions 549.3 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T4 Template for Scheduling of Resettlement Interviews 403.2 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T5 Guiding Note for Interpretation via Interpreters 469.7 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T6 Guiding Note for Preparatory Briefings of Refugees 487.5 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T7 Practical Guide for Planning and Conducting Resettlement Interviews 596.6 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T8 Checklist for Organisation of Orientation Sessions via Video Link 475.3 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T9 Guiding Note around Pre-departure Orientation Topics 466.3 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T10 Template for Preparing Orientation Training in Partnership with the IOM 462.8 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T11 Template for a Case Information File 589.4 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T12 Template for an Accommodation Information Note 649 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T13 Template for a Post-Mission Report 539.3 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
T14 Practical Guide for Dossier Examination.pdf 498.1 kB 2020-04-06 15.50
T15 Checklist for Transfer Arrangements 449.2 kB 2020-03-25 15.42
Ref doc_An example of a mission program 36.7 kB 2020-03-25 15.58
Ref doc_Assessment of a UNHCR Resettlement Request 58 kB 2020-03-25 15.58
Ref doc_Suggested layout of a ’Resettlement interview schedule’ 58.4 kB 2020-03-25 15.58
Ref doc_UNHCR Operational Guidance Note 678.4 kB 2020-03-25 15.58


Other reference materials: