Here you can access the reports produced by the Migration Policy Institute Europe within the scope of the project. More information on related reports, as well as access to materials related to webinars connected to the reports, can be found on MPI Europe's website.

Study 5 is a brief overview related to the resettlement overview that has been taken over by EASO. It will be published once the overview is launched in 2021.

Files available for download
File type icon Filename File size File upload date
Study 1: Taking Stock of Refugee Resettlement.pdf 1.6 MB 2019-08-14 13.34
Study 2: Scaling up Resettlement in Europe.pdf 1.5 MB 2019-08-14 13.35
Study 3: Preparing for the unknown - Designing effective PDO.pdf 1.4 MB 2019-08-14 13.35
Study 4: Small communities in resettlement.pdf 694 kB 2020-11-19 08.50
Study 6: Next Generation Resettlement.pdf 1.1 MB 2020-12-14 11.40
Study 7: Monitoring & Evaluaiton within Resettlement.pdf 474.6 kB 2020-09-03 12.45