Showcasing post-arrival orientation in Norway

Registration is now open for an experience exchange opportunity with Norwegian authorities and municipalities around post-arrival and pre-departure orientation.

The EU-FRANK project is pleased to invite colleagues from European Member States to a study visit hosted by Norway for in-depth learning about Norway’s cultural orientations program, which is delivered in partnership with IOM. The study visit will take place in Oslo on 21-22 April 2020. It is arranged as part of the EU-FRANK Experience Exchange Program on Pre-departure Orientation, aiming to provide inspiration and increased knowledge about orientation delivery among practitioners in EU Member States.

The study visit will focus on Norway’s experiences and examples of post-arrival orientation services and how activities delivered in the pre-departure and post arrival phase can be linked.

This activity is open for participation from resettlement and orientation practitioners from EU+ Member States. After active participation in this visit, participants will be able to:

  • understand the overall set-up of Norway’s orientation program
  • describe how the different phases of the program are interlinked
  • understand how information sessions to municipalities can be arranged, and which effects these can have in preparing the receiving community
  • based on the above, identify and reflect on aspects that could be relevant for the development of their national programs.

Participation is limited to approximately 10 places. Participants will be selected based on their motivations to take part in the visit.

Sign up on our Events page, or find more information and a draft agenda by downloading the invitation here. The registration deadline is 20 March.


Author: Denise Thomsson

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