PDO Network Meeting #3: focus on technical solutions

To close the year within the PDO Network, the third meeting of the network in the field of pre-departure orientation (PDO) was held November 26th -28th in Dublin, Ireland

The participants were from 13 different countries. During these days they had the opportunity to learn more about the resettlement process in Ireland. The main focus of the meeting was on the use of technical solutions in delivering pre-departure orientation (PDO). During the meeting, participants explored different ways to use apps and social media, for example, as well as the use of resources such as skype sessions and video material as complements to a PDO programme.

Although most participants were from the EU-FRANK PDO network, there were some newcomers who had the opportunity engage with the network and benefit from the experiences of the group:

  • National experiences and examples of technical solutions/methods for the delivery of pre-departure orientation
  • How IOM uses different technical solutions to support PDO training
  • A closer look at PDO related tools developed by the EU-FRANK project
  • A workshop to move ahead on the compilation of PDO practices in what will become the PDO network’s Handbook (final product)
  • A good Skype session with Canada/ US and UNHCR Lebanon that provided a lot of inspirational ideas.

There might have been a heavy rain falling over Ireland during these days, but in the conference room there were a lot of inspirational ideas, engaging discussions and an exchange of experiences amongst the participants.

As one participant from Romania put it: ”I found out the activities were interesting, and helped me to improve my skills in order to deliver the PDO better. The technical solutions and possibilities when delivering PDO using Skype were discussed in groups. I am satisfied with the activity, and looking forward in participating in the coming activity”.

We even had time for a visit at a reception center in Carlow before we left Dublin. There we got the chance to listen to the quota refugees’ own experiences about resettling in a new country. Very rewarding!


Author: Gabriela Prado

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