Happy holidays!

The EU-FRANK project team would like to wish everybody a calm and restful period during the upcoming holidays.

As 2018 comes to an end, we are pleased to conclude that we did indeed deliver on our ambition to bring resettlement practitioners across Europe together to learn from – and about – each other. We are happy to have gotten to know so many of our European colleagues and are proud of our working relationships with all of our partners and of the results that we have achieved together so far.

As stated by the Migration Policy Institute in the report Scaling up refugee resettlement in Europe – The role of institutional peer support earlier this year; support between States play in important role in increasing the European Union’s collective capacity to provide international protection. Exchange of knowledge and cooperation and support between States can help motivate countries to increase their programs. It can also foster innovation that can improve the resettlement process. This is what we hope to achieve, and what we will continue to aspire in the coming year.

As we enter into 2019 we will strive to become even stronger in the area of innovation. We are putting more muscles into finding and testing new ways of working together; between States, or together with existing or new partners. We will add a block on innovation and complementary pathways to the ETC Resettlement Module that we just launched with EASO. In the beginning of the year, we will also upload a number of practical tools such as checklists and guides that will be free to use for resettlement purposes.

We will also continue to offer practical learning opportunities in the forms of study visits or meetings between States, to facilitate new knowledge and operational support that can help us do resettlement a little better, and possibly also a little bit more. A number of events have already opened for registration, check them out on our Events page or in separate news articles.

We look forward to continue improving resettlement together with you throughout 2019.

Season greetings and a Happy New Year!


Author: Denise Thomsson

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