Study Visit/Tour to Nairobi, Kenya: Operational Resettlement Work by Canada and the US

The Study Visit/Tour is an unique opportunity to observe the resettlement work of Canada and the United States of America in Kenya, Nairobi. The study tour will span an entire week, including travel, and will feature both governments’ operational resettlement work from the region, including their cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration. The event will provide insight into two different models used when resettling refugees. It is an opportunity to gain inspiration and practical ideas. The EU-FRANK project offers to cover the costs for flights and hotel accommodation for one participant per registered state. Additional participation may be possible, pending confirmation of available places.

Draft Agenda - To Be Confirmed

11 March 2019 – Travel to Kenya

12 March 2019 – Admission Process UNHCR and the United States of America’s Operations

13 March 2019 – Field Visit to Kakuma Refugee Camp

14 March 2019 – Canada’s Operations and the Resettlement work of the International Organization for Migration

15 March 2019 – Pre-Departure and Cultural Orientation – Concluding Session – Travel to Europe in the evening (Arriving on the 16 March 2019)

Practical information

It is possible to obtain an e-visa before travel or upon arrival at the airport in Nairobi but all participants are advised to check what holds for their respective nationalities. Participants are responsible for checking which vaccinations they might be required to take, particularly for the trip to Kakuma Camp. The project does not pay for visa or vaccination costs. Please ensure that you have passport valid for at least 6 months after the visit.

Transportation during the study visit will be arranged by the Canadian Embassy and the EU-FRANK-project. Please ensure that you have a valid travel insurance.

If not specified in the programme, meals will be paid by participants themselves.

You can register your interest for this event here.

Please remember to check the general rules for participating in project activities here.


Author: Gabriela Prado

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