Launching EU-FRANK Trainers Network

Join EU-FRANK's Experience Exchange Program for Cultural Orientation Trainers 2019

Pilot program leader Jaklin Josefsson during Cultural Orientation session (photo from private collection)

What is this?

The EU-FRANK project happily invites colleagues from European Member States to note the launch of an exclusive networking and experience exchange program for pre-departure orientation trainers in Europe that will be piloted throughout 2019. The project encourages practitioners responsible for planning, delivering or developing orientation activities within national resettlement programs to participate.

The EU-FRANK Experience Exchange Program for orientation trainers will provide insight into different working models, existing practices and some new models that will be tested and evaluated by the project, in order to develop pre-departure orientation activities. The program provides an opportunity to gain inspiration by interaction with colleagues from other countries or organisations as well as practical tools and knowledge that can be used to refine or lay the foundation for your country’s pre-departure orientation program.

How does it work?

Within the Experience Exchange Program, EU-FRANK offers orientation trainers within EU Member States access to three tailor made networking events during 2019. In between these events, the project will facilitate experience exchange between the participants in the form of study visits and other practical learning opportunities and meetings. The participants will also be provided with exclusive insight into new approaches that are developed and tested within the framework of EU-FRANK, and will have the opportunity to try out new ways of working together with new or existing partners.

Participants are encouraged to take part in and benefit from all three networking events throughout 2019, as well as in-between activities depending on availability. The program holds 15 places. The EU-FRANK project offers to cover the costs for flights and hotel accommodation for 1-2 participants per registered state. Registration is now open for the first meeting here.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to this pilot program!


Author: Gabriela Prado

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