EU-FRANK increases access to learning by developing a Resettlement Training Module within EASO's Training System (ETC).

To increase the European Union's capacity for resettlement, Member States need well-prepared and trained staff. Within the framework of the EU-FRANK project, a Training Module on Resettlement has been developed and incorporated into the EASO Training Curriculum (ETC).

The training module is developed in close consultation with EASO and according to EASO standard methodology, a blended-learning methodology that combines an e‑learning method and face‑to‑face sessions.

The module covers all phases of the resettlement process and targets both selection and cultural orientation staff. It consists of four submodules:

  1. Identification
  2. Selection
  3. Pre-departure preparations and travel
  4. Reception

A final submodule on complementary pathways and innovative approaches to resettlement will be developed and incorporated into the module in 2019.

In the training field, EU-FRANK's goals are to:

  • Increase participating states’ knowledge on how to successfully manage resettlement
  • Offer a combination of seminars and study visits
  • Target a total of 30 participants from 15 Member States with training activities
  • Plan for implementation of the training program in EASO Training curriculum

In addition to the training module, EU-FRANK also delivers workshops, seminars and study visits. You can find out more about them under the Expert exchange and support page. 

Work process

A group of experts from the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland have drafted the training program. They have been working closesly with EASO throughout the process. UNHCR and IOM have provided valuable expertise and have also drafted parts of the materials.

Two workshops have been conducted in 2018 to enable the project to incorporate feedback from States and stakeholders into the drafting process. A pilot training was conducted in June 2018, and a pilot Train the Trainers session (including online training) is being delivered in December 2018.

EASO is responsible for building the training module on the online platform, and for further implementation and ownership of the training module once finalized and delivered.