Expert exchange and support

EU-FRANK can help arrange, and sometimes fund, meetings between colleagues across borders, to boost learning between States. We are happy to host events or just put you in contact with others that may hold the answers to your questions - or help you address them in new ways.

EU-FRANK supports EU Member States by facilitating exchange of practices between practitioners from different national contexts or organisations. We encourage experts with different levels of resettlement experience to meet and learn from each other. To facilitate this, we arrange:

  • Workshops and seminars
  • Study visits to showcase resettlement activities in practice
  • Meetings between experts in smaller constellations

To offer activities that may be of specific interest to Member States, the project is continuously assessing and following up on areas where further developments may be needed, where States lack experience or indicate that they would like to learn more. Matching of more and less experienced resettlement states will be done based upon expressed interest, similarity of systems, challenges and practices. In this, the project liaises closely with stakeholders such as ICMC, EASO, UNHCR and IOM to build on their experiences and insight. We also liaise closely with MPIE and draws on their report on the potential benefits and use of peer-support to boost resettlement capacity.

Examples of EU-FRANK expert exchange activities include:

  • Observations of the Netherlands', Belgium's, and Switzerland's selection missions in Amman and Ankara
  • Study visits to observe cultural orientation being delivered by the Netherlands, Belgium, IOM and ICMC in Kampala, Istanbul, and Beirut
  • Observation of the reception of resettled refugees in Germany and the Netherlands
  • Study visit to learn more about dossier examination in Sweden
  • Seminar on Design and follow-up of resettlement programs
  • Exchange between heads of selection missions

Please consult our Events page to learn more about events that are being planned, or read about activities that have been delivered.