Formative evaluations in focus for Monitoring & Evaluation workshop #3

EU-FRANK, MPI Europe and EASO continue the journey towards cracking the code for monitoring and evaluating resettlement programmes

As Member States continue to test (new) pathways to protection, formative evaluations can help government and non-government actors capitalise on lessons learned during the initial phases of a new or revised programme. Whether conducted internally or in collaboration with external evaluators or universities, formative evaluations allow programme designers to identify (unexpected) challenges early on, such as a lack of awareness, capacity or coordination among implementing partners, and to swiftly correct the course of action (e.g. extra information sessions, additional deployment of staff or funds).

There is now a chance to learn more about this process and kick-start the work by taking part on the next workshop in the series - registrations are open until March 25th!


Author: Gabriela Prado

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