Summer is coming

Get updated with what happened in the spring and ready to gear up for the next season. We have a conference coming up, activities in the summer and some new resources available!

Summer has made its entrance in Scandinavia, and the Swedish part of EU-FRANK is enthusiastic about the awaited summer holidays. From July through mid August the project secretariat will be open but reduced in size, attending to all necessary project business while recovering from the spring.

2019 started at full speed with several interactions between a variety of actors; practical cooperation possibilities were discussed in Jordan, and a PDO focused network was set up, which met in Stockholm and Bucharest, as well as in smaller constellations in The Hague and Beirut. Project partners came together in Malta in April for their sixth strategizing committee meeting, focusing largely on the new approaches that the project is set to pilot. We have also had a full-scale study visit to Kenya, with a report available now.

The main focus is now on testing ideas of innovative partnerships and practical cooperation between States in practice. Project assignment leaders Erika Löfgren (Swedish Migration Agency) and Tim Sparla (Immigration and Naturalisation Services of the Netherlands) have been busy discussing with States and non-state stakeholders whether they can share more information as well as collaborate around operational tasks.

There is a willingness from States to consider working in new ways, and definitely a hospitality to share experiences and support their colleagues from other countries, says Tim Sparla.

“We are in contact with a few states who are specifically interested in trying to collaborate on a very practical level, for instance by undertaking joint missions or by engaging as buddies to build on each other’s experiences.”, Tim adds.

Erika Löfgren continues:

“We have been asking ourselves whether States can share more information among themselves, with the objective to be able to identify their peers and know more about what others are doing and where they are sending staff. Just recently, we circulated a request to States in which we asked them to verify where they have been doing resettlement as well as their plans ahead. So far, the answers we received indicates that States are indeed willing to share information to a certain degree. Now we have to look at how this information could inform national, bilateral or multilateral operations and stimulate cooperation.”

While slowing down over summer, EU-FRANK is planning to offer additional opportunities for study visiting and peer-to-peer exchange between resettlement colleagues also during the summer period. Activities will be announced on the project website or via email to those concerned.

EU-FRANK will be present at the Annual Tripartite Consultations on Resettlement in Geneva as well as the European Resettlement Forum in Brussels, both taking place in July.


“In the autumn we hope to see the pilots materialize into practical cooperation opportunities that can explore the potential benefits of states working together in new ways. We also look forward to see how the tools and training that have been developed within the framework of EU-FRANK function in practice”, says Conny Larsson.


Also coming up is the publication of three additional tools, on examination of dossier cases, post mission reporting and transfer arrangements, alongside already available materials on On the 23rd of September, EASO will launch online studies for the next Train the trainers round on the ETC Resettlement Training Module, by then also featuring a component on Complementary Pathways. In mid-August there is as well another opportunity for learning exchange with a study visit in partnership with Germany.

With these words, EU-FRANK wishes everyone a restful summer period!

- Denise Thomsson, Gabriela Prado & the EU-FRANK Team

Published: 2019-07-01

Author: Gabriela Prado

Last modified: 2019-07-12