Priorities and handover process in focus for EU-FRANK partners

Prioritization around pilot activities and the handover of results to EASO were the main topics discussed when EU-FRANK project partners met at the sixth Strategizing Committee meeting in Malta.

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Project partners from Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, EASO, IOM, and UNHCR came together in Valletta, Malta, on 2-3 April for the project’s sixth Strategizing Committee meeting. The Committee, also including project partners ICMC and MPI, meet twice a year throughout the project period to help guide the project management and steer the project in the right direction.

On the agenda was a general status update, showing that the project has made good progress and is well underway to reach its goals, as well as feedback from the European Commission on Specific Actions projects in general and EU-FRANK in particular. The Commission acknowledged the relevance of the project as a key actor in widening the resettlement community among EU Member States. Reference was also made to potential fine-tuning of the upcoming AMIF program period to make project life (and administration) easier to manage for project leads as well as partners.

The bulk part of the meeting was devoted to discussions around pilot activities and on how the project results will become sustainable through implementation by, primarily, EASO.

 - The Strategizing Committee is an important forum for us to ensure that project partners agree on what we are doing and were we are heading, says Conny Larsson, project manager. It provides us with feedback and guidance on proposals that may come from the project management or assignment leaders or working groups. Our partners are also generally very good at asking the right questions, which pushes us to consider how the project results can become useful in the longer term.

The long-term implementation was also on the agenda for this final year’s committee meeting, and was discussed thoroughly together with EASO.

- As project partners, it is important for us that the projects' results are kept alive at the end of the project, says Arjenne Plazier, project representative from COA, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands.

EASO confirmed their eagerness to build on the momentum created by the project, and underlined that the handover process has already been initiated and documented in a roadmap that is monitored and updated regularly between EASO and the project management.

Published: 2019-04-09

Author: Gabriela Prado

Last modified: 2019-05-22