EU-FRANK is ready for spring

With EU-FRANK pilots at full speed in 2019, the winter has been packed with Kick-offs and Study visit. Moving into spring, here’s what is happening in EU-FRANK…

During the coming months, EU-FRANK will be building on the basis for pilots launched in February and looking to expand the experience exchange possibilities for States and practitioners, as well as setting course for the last year of activities. Here’s what is up in our calendars so far:

  • Strategizing committee: this week, all EU-FRANK partners, component & assignment leaders, and project leadership met in Malta. More on that next week!
  • Launch of the last tools: 12 tools are already available on the website for download and testing, and we will soon launch three extra tools.
  • PDO Network Meeting #2: Stay tuned for the second meeting of the pre-departure network in May. Details are coming soon.
  • Preparations for EU-FRANK conference: EU-FRANK conference is happening in September in Stockholm. Dates and other details will be available soon.
  • Peer-to-peer exchange: In the beginning of April, representatives from Ireland, Italy and Switzerland will be participating on a peer-to-peer exchange in the Netherlands to address specific questions from practitioners. We will report back on how that went in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for updates on these and other upcoming events – you can easily stay in touch by subscribing to our updates. We usually email our newsflash to subscribers twice a month.

Published: 2019-04-04

Author: Gabriela Prado

Last modified: 2019-05-22