PDO Network Meeting #1: 25 participants from 11 countries exchanging practices and experiences

On the 27-28th of February EU-FRANK hosted the first meeting of the Pre-Departure Cultural Orientation Network in Stockholm - two days full os learning and exchange between PDO experts.

Pilot Coordinator Jaklin Josefson presents the plans for the PDO Network to participants in Stockholm.



As part of the EU-FRANK Pilot on pre-departure cultural orientation, the network meetings are here to facilitate exchange between actors that are working with PDO in different contexts. By providing a meeting place for PDO practitioners from States together with for instance long experienced PDO partner IOM we are looking to expand and accelerate best practices within PDO and take stock of how different actors can collaborate and learn from each other.

The program for the first meeting in Stockholm was divided into one informative part and lively, practical discussions. From getting a gist on the principles for effective PDO-programs (see the study MPI will be launching soon!) to discussing how different countries work with concrete PDO activities, the main expectations of ‘new ideas’ and ‘collaboration’ were surely fulfilled. Among the priority topics for further discussion and exchange, participants listed ‘online tools’ and ‘technical solutions’, as well as how to approach target groups such as young adults. These topics will be picked up during the next meetings as well as in small-scale bilateral exchanges during the spring.

Pilot coordinator Jaklin Josefson explains:

- The purpose of this network is to see what can happen if bring together a group of practitioners who have different experiences but the same area of expertise, and have them meet continuously over the course of one year.

The PDO Network will meet another two times during the year and good practices highlighted by the Network will be collected in a PDO Handbook, expected to be released by the project in late 2019. Network participants already have many ideas for future meetings, and plan to get together in smaller groups to continue to discuss issues of common interest to them.

- There is so much experience in this group, both from States and from IOM, which can be shared. This is just the beginning, says Jaklin.

Published: 2019-03-21

Author: Gabriela Prado

Last modified: 2019-05-22