Project organisation

EU-FRANK is managed by the Swedish Migration Agency (SMA) in partnership and consultation with other States and organisations. The SMA is the governmental authority of Sweden that is responsible for migration issues, including resettlement. The project secretariat is placed within the International department, and is composed of a project leader, project coordinators, project experts, as well as administrational and financial staff.

The project management reports to and seeks guidance from a transnational committee consisting of project partners and associated organisations (refered to as the Strategizing Committee).

The project is delivered by national experts who form working groups to pursue the development of for instance tools and trainings. Each working group is led by an appointed expert from the SMA or a project partner. The different working groups are coordinated by the secretariat. 

Non-partner states and organisations within or outside of the European Union, as well as resettled persons, may also contribute as reference partners to the project, and can be brought in on a needs basis. This is mostly done via project activities such as workshops or seminars, but may also take place in devoted settings such as focus groups or reference meetings.