[Online] Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop #3: Formtive evaluations

The third workshop in the series will focus on how to build quick feedback systems and set up evaluations at an early stage in the process

Update: please note that this workshop will take place online, in two separate session on April 7th. If you wish to register, use the form below. For any other qeustions, contact us


Building on the insights from the previous two workshops on process evaluation and pre-departure orientation, this workshop will demonstrate how formative evaluations enable resettlement programmes to get off to a good start. More specifically, participants will learn 1) when and why it is opportune to conduct a formative evaluation (e.g. states embark on emergency resettlement or add a language component to the existing programme); 2) how to set it up in practice; and 3) who to involve. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to develop their own action plans outlining concrete ways to include formative evaluations in new or existing M&E systems in their countries, and learn about other resettlement states’ existing practices and next steps, allowing them to identify potential areas for collaboration and peer support.

Target group

The target group for this workshop are staff working in a state agency who are involved in the design, implementation and/or evaluation of national resettlement programmes (or are interested to do so), those involved in research, monitoring and evaluation practices in the field of migration and integration, and those who would use the results of formative evaluations. As one of the aims of the workshop is to identify concrete opportunities for formative evaluation(s) in the national context and to map concrete next steps, it is strongly advised to send at least two persons per Member State. Those interested in participating should register with the EU-FRANK secretariat and await confirmation for participation.

Please note that we are cosely following the developments on the corona virus outbreak and this workshop may be postponed.

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Time and date

07 Apr 10.00 - 07 Apr 15.30, 2020