Study visit: PDO and post-arrival orientation in Norway

EU-FRANK is happy to offer an opportunity for resettlement practitioners to visit Norway and learn about their post-arrival orientation and how it links in with what is delivered to refugees prior to their departure.

On 21-22 April, EU-FRANK and the Norwegian Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) will be happy to welcome resettlement practitioners with a specific interest in cultural orientation/PDO, to Oslo to observe and discuss Norway's experiences around post-arrival orientation activities and the link between what is being done in and for municipalities with activities and messages delivered to refugees before they resettle.

The study visit will span over two days and will include briefings and discussions hosted by IMDi with practical observations of orientation sessions provided by IOM for a receiving municipality, as well as a tour of post-arrival activities provided to resettled refugees by municipality actors.

Deadline for registering for this event is 20 March.

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Oslo, Norway

Time and date

21 Apr 09.00 - 22 Apr 16.00, 2020


Norwegian Directorate for Immigration and Diversity (IMDi)